Steeplechasing For The Future

Proud Past • Infinite Future: Steeplechasing Upgraded
The  newly upgraded turf track
Home to the National Steeplechase Association, Fair Hill knows that producing
enhancements for the historic turf course will give modern day steeplechase racing
a true home equal to its prestigious heritage.

The iconic Aintree course in England served as a model for Fair Hill under the direction
of William du Pont, Jr. Lacking the capacity for large scale earthworks in the late 1920s,
du Pont was forced to alter dimensions for the Fair Hill course to fit the topography of
the site. The resulting dimensions resembled a paper clip – a very narrow oval. For today’s
steeplechase racing needs, the sharp turns yield hazardous conditions and the time arrived to reimagine du Pont’s facility.

Not without its own experts, Fair Hill’s community of internationally-recognized trainers
and horsemen contributed valuable insight for the facility redesign. Maintaining
the current uses of the facility – ample training opportunities – and expanding racing
opportunities are at the core of the plan.

With these goals laid out, the new design focuses on delivering:
• Irrigation for turf and timber courses
• Reconstructed courses featuring wider, sweeping, and banked turns
• Complete replacement of the turf on course
Photos by Maggie Kimmitt