Maryland 5 Star Update

Elkton, MD – To ensure the inaugural October 13-17 Maryland 5 Star is a success, the Fair Hill Foundation (FHF) is singularly devoting its energies to raising $1 million to finalize construction of the cross-country course and provide sufficient operating funds for the Event; at this writing we have raised more than $800,000. The 5 Star represents a landmark point in time; flags from numerous countries will fly in the main arena and up to 200 horses from all over the world are expected to participate in the 5 Star, 3 Star, and Young Horse competitions at this extraordinary equestrian center created by William du Pont, Jr. in the 1930s.

To guarantee construction work is completed to the highest international standards, the FHF is working closely with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), the State agency that manages the 5,600-acre Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area. Maryland DNR has retained Ruppert Landscape, Inc. to manage the project. Ruppert is highly respected and is one of the largest commercial landscape companies in the region.

Completing construction of the Ian Stark-designed Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill cross-country course and installing broadband on the site has been DNR’s highest priority. With support from the Foundation, this work includes lineal aeration to relieve compaction, adding topsoil and sod, applying fertilizer and grassy weed pre-emergent herbicide and related work to ensure ideal turf conditions for the 6,280-meter course that features 45 jumping efforts including fences, water hazards, ditches, and mounds.

Once this phase of the project is complete, future plans for Fair Hill call for upgrades to the iconic grandstand dating back to Mr. du Pont’s early years, as well as renovated barns, improved hospitality facilities, and auxiliary gallops. Improvements will be phased and when completed, Fair Hill will accommodate a diverse range of equestrian disciplines in an international setting that will broaden collaboration among competitors, enthusiasts, and spectators alike.

We are pleased to share the August/September issue of Pressbox including an excellent overview of the Maryland 5 Star at Fair Hill by Barry Silverman: