Fair Hill: A Horseman’s Oasis

William du Pont Jr. altered the trajectory of the more than 5,600 acres of land in the corner of Maryland that now hosts this country’s second five-star.

By Laura Lemon

Published in the October 4 & 11 issue of The Chronicle of the Horse

During these meditating mowing moments in the ’90s, Coldren always found herself in awe of the land’s history, where William du Pont once followed his Foxcatcher Hounds as they bayed at the whiff of a scent. And now, it remains as a 5,656-acre slice of nature halfway between Philadelphia and Baltimore, owned by the state and preserved as a natural resource management area.

“One of my favorite things is to be out there at Fair Hill in the evening when nobody else is around, and the sun’s starting to go down, and the deer are running around. It’s just such a peaceful piece of land,” she said. “And you think about the history of [it]. Sometimes when you’re driving past some of the old sheds and paddocks and stuff, you think, ‘This is Willie du Pont’s hunting preserve.’ And then you think about all the years of foxhunting there and all the park users for years and years and years.

“I don’t know how you could not feel the history,” she added. “His contribution to horses at Fair Hill—I mean Fair Hill wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for Willie du Pont.”

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